Head Health Challenge II

Submission period for this challenge is now closed.
Challenge Type: Working Prototype Challenge
Total Prize: $10,000,000
Submission Deadline: February 11, 2014

Sponsored By

The National Football League, Under Armour and GE have collaborated to bring you Head Health Challenge II: Innovative Approaches For Identifying And Preventing Brain Injury. They will be awarding up to $10 Million for solutions that produce advancements in preventing, measuring and detecting brain injury, innovative brain protective materials and devices, and training methods that result in behavior modifications.

Head Health Challenge II focuses on identifying breakthrough technologies and approaches that will result in preventing, monitoring and identifying trauma, engineered safety solutions, and training protocols. By collaborating in this Challenge, the NFL, Under Armour, and GE aim to make sports safer for athletes by improving how they play and their protective equipment. In addition to benefiting athletes on the field of play, the development of technologies under this program may also benefit military and civilian markets.